Turo Vehicles

Alaska Park is now handling Turo vehicles. Turo operates as an Airbnb-type of company for your car. With Turo, you can rent your car out and earn some money while you’re not using your car. If you choose to rent your car through Turo while parking at Alaska Park, we offer a special daily rate.

The process is simple: you’ll drop off your car and provide the names of the people who will be picking up the car. We’ll verify ID, and get your card on file, and your card will be charged every time the car is picked up. You can clean your car and fill it up with gas, or we can hold on to it and have it detailed. We’ve partnered with 907 Divine Auto Detailing to provide their Turo Summer Special detailing package. Payment is direct from you to 907 Divine Auto Detailing.

*Alaska Park does not report damages or fill the gas tank on Turo vehicles. The renter is responsible for these actions when the car is in their possession. While we handle Turo vehicles, the responsibility of the rental agreement remains between Turo, you and the renter. Learn more about how Turo works on their website.